Installation – what happens next?

Now that the bulk of the network is installed – Thameside and other properties at Bablockhythe will be passed in the coming week and represent the last significant civil works to be undertaken – the only remaining bit of work to do to connect to the new network is to install the fibre patch between the connection point (“boundary box”) and the router in your home.

If you’ve opted to have Gigaclear sort out the installation for you, the installation contractors will be in touch soon to arrange your installation, or you can contact Max (our local community rep) to ask questions. For many people the cost will be the ¬£95 basic cost, but others with long drives or houses further from the road may incur additional costs – Boxcom, Gigaclear’s usual contractor, has a lot of useful info on their website including pricing details and some worked examples.

If you’re doing it yourself, Gigaclear have a comprehensive self-install guide, a copy of which can be found here. Essentially all you need to do is attach the router to the wall, drill a hole, fit the fibre through and then connect the other end to the connection point. Some plastic parts are included to protect the fibre as it leaves the house, to ensure the minimum bend radius (no corners tighter than a 2p coin is a good guideline) is not exceeded. Make sure you read the self-install guide thoroughly – if you haven’t opted for installation but after reading it think you might, give Gigaclear a ring to change your order!

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