First subscriber goes live in Northmoor

We’ve reached another major milestone today with the activation of our first subscriber on the network. The cabinet, underlying network backhaul and other services are all live and the network is, in part at least, lit and ready to use!

Fibre cables before burial installed at a property

Fibre cables before burial installed at a property

Our first subscriber’s 50Mbps service is delivering precisely as expected, and represents the start of connections being made to the network. Over the next few weeks Gigaclear and their installation contractors (Boxcom) will be installing and activating everyone else who has already made an order, or sending out kits to self-install customers.

All the works with the exception of Thameside and the caravan parks are complete, with these works to be completed in the coming weeks.

10 thoughts on “First subscriber goes live in Northmoor

  1. Being a bit of a photo fanatic (along with the odd short video) until now I have struggled to share them with my family and friends, but not any more, I have been able to send whatever I like to them and share things without any problems at all and the joy of watching a video clip without any buffering is fantastic, still to try out the catch-up TV but it’s there if I need it…… this is brilliant.

  2. We were the first subscriber to go “live” at Bablockhythe and its absolutely astounding. Anything I do now involving the internet I find myself doing with a smile firmly fixed on my face….Its now a joy to use instead of a time consuming chore!

    • Great news Steve and richly deserved after all your work! I am discovering lots of other benefits too. We are switching telephones to Vonage and discovered we had been spending £180 a quarter to BT! That’s hugely more than we realized. This will drop to £21 a quarter to Vonage.

      • Great to hear that Bablockhythe has joined Northmoor in the 21st century!

  3. Yes, I understand very little of the technicality, but the change is truly dramatic. Looking forward to hearing on this site how other lives are being transformed by superfast FTTP broadband in Northmoor. Don’t forget to change over the telephone too.

    • Ordered telephone service from Vonage this morning. 48 hrs for hardware to arrive then existing number can be transferred, BT line will be cancelled automatically when Vonage ports the number across. If you want to keep your existing number then do not cancel your BT account before contacting Vonage. Remember to tell them your a Gigaclear customer to get several charges wavered 🙂

  4. If you are hesitating about signing up, just do it. This technology is life-changing, and the team that fitted ours is fast, effective and professional. Now we are busy upgrading the rest of our lives to take account of the new possibilities afforded by superfast FTTP.

      • Maybe – it is certainly going to be dramatic!

        Our connection went live yesterday and the transformation is totally spectacular. Suddenly everything online “just works” when you click on it – fantastic! If anyone is wondering about the benefits then do come round for a demo…

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