Fibre to the Premises reaches Thameside

Our initial survey, conducted in early 2013, showed that a shocking proportion of the parish had no internet connectivity whatsoever. The majority of these properties were homes at Thameside Court at Bablockhythe, connected to aluminium/copper lines nearly 8 kilometres long and unlikely ever to receive an upgrade under normal commercial terms. These lines are often totally unable to even achieve ADSL sync, let alone attain speeds above a few hundred kilobits per second. Reliability was another problem – flooding and even heavy rain made whatever service was available disappear.

Outside Thameside CourtToday the first properties in Thameside were passed by the contractors building the network, providing a pure fibre to the premises connection capable of over 1Gbps. Even when it rains or floods. Continue reading

The cabinet has arrived!

The cabinet

The cabinet is here! This is the central point for the entire network and will house all the various bits of equipment required to connect properties to the backhaul networks and onwards to the internet, as well as the power supply system for everything. Power is being sourced from the buried cables in the village, and the fibre cables are already in place in ducts next to the cabinet!