First subscriber goes live in Northmoor

We’ve reached another major milestone today with the activation of our first subscriber on the network. The cabinet, underlying network backhaul and other services are all live and the network is, in part at least, lit and ready to use!

Fibre cables before burial installed at a property

Fibre cables before burial installed at a property

Our first subscriber’s 50Mbps service is delivering precisely as expected, and represents the start of connections being made to the network. Over the next few weeks Gigaclear and their installation contractors (Boxcom) will be installing and activating everyone else who has already made an order, or sending out kits to self-install customers.

All the works with the exception of Thameside and the caravan parks are complete, with these works to be completed in the coming weeks.

Fibre to the Premises reaches Thameside

Our initial survey, conducted in early 2013, showed that a shocking proportion of the parish had no internet connectivity whatsoever. The majority of these properties were homes at Thameside Court at Bablockhythe, connected to aluminium/copper lines nearly 8 kilometres long and unlikely ever to receive an upgrade under normal commercial terms. These lines are often totally unable to even achieve ADSL sync, let alone attain speeds above a few hundred kilobits per second. Reliability was another problem – flooding and even heavy rain made whatever service was available disappear.

Outside Thameside CourtToday the first properties in Thameside were passed by the contractors building the network, providing a pure fibre to the premises connection capable of over 1Gbps. Even when it rains or floods. Continue reading

Build progress – 01/07/2014

The build is absolutely racing on through the village, with the beginnings of the cabinet opposite the Village Hall now installed and many more fibre connection points being installed every day! Griffiths Close is almost entirely done well ahead of schedule and the main road (Church Road) is looking like it’ll be done later this week! Click on the photos below for full size versions.

72 fibres winding their way down the road

72 fibres winding their way down the road

Cabinet plinth and power cabling

Cabinet plinth and power cabling

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Build progress – 18/06/2014

The build is progressing well, slightly ahead of schedule!

Standlake Road is now almost entirely complete and the contractors are making great progress up towards Lynch Hill. The schedule calls for the team to start on the main road through the village (Church Road) next Monday and Thameside, Chapel Lane and Griffiths Close the week after. The main road should be finished by the 4th of July, while the rest of the village and Bablockhythe should be completed by the 11th.

Of course, this is just the network itself – installation of individual properties will start soon where orders have been placed already. Gigaclear are hoping to have the network lit and operational at the end of July, if not a little earlier!

Build progress – 31/5/2014

20140531-DSC_4068The build process continues; the bulk of the work is now complete in Moreton and the main road through the village is now getting fibre ducting and cables installed! You may have noticed the blue canes in the verge – these indicate the location of the connection pots that Gigaclear will install next to each property. If you have any concern about the location of these pots, do get in touch with our local Gigaclear representative (Max Poole on  07436 108327); you may have already had a visit from him to discuss the build.

20140531-DSC_407920140531-DSC_4094So far the progress brings the main dig to just outside the Church and Village Hall. Gigaclear seem to be doing a good job of keeping things tidy – most of the work has been in verges which as seen in West End bounce right back within weeks.

The network build has started!

That’s right – there is now, at long last, a team of people with shovels and diggers installing the Northmoor, Bablockhythe and Moreton Broadband network!

Trench at Moreton Lane

Trench at Moreton Lane

The build started on Moreton lane and we anticipate that Gigaclear will have finished their work installing connection points in Moreton by around the middle of next week. Once their work in Moreton is done the cabinet and main village network will be next on their list.

Fibre and truck

Fibre ready for the trench on Moreton Lane